Vintage Cosplay Mom is a tiny Instagram project I started out of pandemic boredom. On this account, I would post low-budget interpretations of vintage outfits from the 1930s to the 1980s. It served as a fun way to channel my long-standing passion for all things vintage.

My fondness for vintage outfits and culture stemmed from a childhood hobby of collecting American Girl books. One of my first cosplay posts is a tribute to Kit Kittredge, my all-time favorite historical character.

This Instagram account also serves as a way for me to network with other vintage enthusiasts. I often seek inspiration from more seasoned cosplayers’ accounts, but I also keep my content original.

I adhere strongly to the tenet of: #VintageStyleNotVintageValues.

Latest posts from the Vintage Cosplay Mom Instagram account. If the images are not loading, please contact me.