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Disability, Codependency, and Narcissistic Relationships


This is an example of the material I write for Hemophilia News Today. “Disability, Codependency, and Narcissistic Relationships” discusses the phenomenon of disabled individuals being prone to narcissistic abuse.

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What Overcoming an Eating Disorder Means to Me


I wrote this Rappler opinion piece about my struggles with an eating disorder through high school and college. In doing so, I sought to give light to the idea that eating disorders are not simply “disorders of the rich.” In truth, they fall under the umbrella of mental illnesses that can affect just about anyone.

A photograph of the Philcoa footbridge, shot by Marianne Bermudez for the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Urban Evil


This blog entry from October 2013 is about a dangerous piece of public infrastructure — the Philcoa footbridge in Quezon City. It became viral and earned several shares on various social media platforms.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer ran a follow-up article on the same subject two days later.

*The link above redirects to an Internet Archive snapshot of the blog entry from 2013. Should you have difficulty retrieving it, I have posted a copy (without the original images) here.

An opal ring by Borealis Crystals, along with our care guide (included in packaging).

Caring for Fine Jewelry


This is an informative piece featuring tried-and-tested tips for cleaning different types of fine jewelry. I make a clear distinction between gold vs. gold-plated jewelry and highlight the different approaches to their maintenance.

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Older Works


For ethical reasons, I cannot post my ghostwritten works or disclose the identity of my clients. However, I may be able to give short samples instead.

If you’re interested, please drop me an e-mail or contact me through social media.